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Zoie Joue

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  • Michelle Allergy

    Age: 25   |   Sexuality: Bottom

    Heya =) I'm Michelle Allergy! I am a relatively new girl on the scene of shemales out there and loving my new life / transition I am going through! I have quite the soft spot for boys and love to be a tease when around the right kind of guys =P I am a total bottom and...

Zoie Joue's Stats

Age: 22   |   Sexuality: Bottom

Hello Boys and Girls. My name is Zoie. I live in western suburbs of Chicago. I was lucky enough to send my application to Members Pictures | Tia Tizzianni and continue to follow up with Tia Tizzianni and ‘HERE I AM’. You will never know how thrilled I am to be one of the “Featured Girls” here on Tia Tizzianni.

I first met Tia in September of 2014. We did a transformation and feminization session and I adored my feminization training. TO be honest, I could not get enough cock or cum. For those of you who haven’t met or seen Mr. Smith, all I can say is “this is the true definition of STUD. He could pound you hard all night long. Unreal.

My favorite pastime is men. I also play with TGirls you will see as I am totally addicted to cock and cum. Watch for my vids as I plan on keeping my position here as one of the Tia Tizzianni – FEATURED GIRLS.

In my spare time, I go clubbing and love to cook. On my days off, I want to spend them shooting as much porn as I can. It is so so much fun to shoot with these people.


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