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Zoie Joue

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  • Jade Vix

    Age: 26   |   Sexuality: Versatile

    Jade has been a full time transsexual for about a year now. She is a sweetheart and loves to go clubbing and party. She dates men so check her out. She lives in the NYC area. Jade loves foreplay with touching and rubbing being her particular favorites and stars in over...

Zoie Joue's Stats

Age: 22   |   Sexuality: Bottom

Hello Boys and Girls. My name is Zoie. I live in western suburbs of Chicago. I was lucky enough to send my application to Members Pictures | Tia Tizzianni and continue to follow up with Tia Tizzianni and ‘HERE I AM’. You will never know how thrilled I am to be one of the “Featured Girls” here on Tia Tizzianni.

I first met Tia in September of 2014. We did a transformation and feminization session and I adored my feminization training. TO be honest, I could not get enough cock or cum. For those of you who haven’t met or seen Mr. Smith, all I can say is “this is the true definition of STUD. He could pound you hard all night long. Unreal.

My favorite pastime is men. I also play with TGirls you will see as I am totally addicted to cock and cum. Watch for my vids as I plan on keeping my position here as one of the Tia Tizzianni – FEATURED GIRLS.

In my spare time, I go clubbing and love to cook. On my days off, I want to spend them shooting as much porn as I can. It is so so much fun to shoot with these people.


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