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  • Michelle Allergy

    Age: 25   |   Sexuality: Bottom

    Heya =) I'm Michelle Allergy! I am a relatively new girl on the scene of shemales out there and loving my new life / transition I am going through! I have quite the soft spot for boys and love to be a tease when around the right kind of guys =P I am a total bottom and...

Peaches's Stats

Age: 27   |   Sexuality: Versatile

Peaches is a GG who adores transgendered girls. She has had serious
relationships with several TG’s and loves to transform and play with them.
Peaches is the only GG here on TT.com as she is totally interested in
transforming and feminizing bois to stunning girls. If you are totally into
a hot sensual girl transforming and dominating you, then hit her up via
the “I want to be transformed” form.


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