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Michelle Allergy

Teenage Hispanic Michelle  

Teenage Hispanic Michelle

Teenage Hispanic Michelle  

Teenage Hispanic Michelle

Second Halloween 2009  

Second Halloween 2009
  • Teenage Hispanic Michelle
  • Teenage Hispanic Michelle
  • Second Halloween 2009


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Michelle Allergy's Stats

Age: 25   |   Sexuality: Bottom

Heya =) I’m Michelle Allergy! I am a relatively new girl on the scene of shemales out there and loving my new life / transition I am going through! I have quite the soft spot for boys and love to be a tease when around the right kind of guys =P I am a total bottom and like it when its played with being that it causes my clitty to become aroused and you will know when I am turned on.

I can and will take up to 8in of pure cock, even if its wide and in charge. I love to be submissive toward men and have limited control.. love being slapped around and my hair pulled and biting and nails deep in skin is how rough I enjoy it when being pleased.

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  1. jennycavalleri says:

    Love the kinky hungry sissy look you have in your eyes

  2. purplegirlabi7894 says:

    Hello gorgeous. I hope to be like you one day.

  3. goldneye says:

    VERY sexy. Great face and love the outfit

  4. okcman35 says:

    I’d marry you.

  5. denied says:

    You’re a very beautiful lady. I can but dream of spending time with you.

  6. kristycd says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! And SO SO SEXY in the leopard teddy!

  7. Jennifer-Jasmine Jenkins says:

    Young Lady i meant hehe ** xx

  8. Jennifer-Jasmine Jenkins says:

    You are a stunning your Lady i would be honored to get too know you a little better :) xx

  9. shysissyboy3 says:

    mmmmmmm you are so sexy. i wanna do what u did

  10. ahp802 says:

    You are beautiful. And i think we would enjoy fucking each other

  11. montdor1 says:

    You are so beautiful that words cannot weild the matter. We are all better off that you are who you are and I am interested but, ah.. sigh…, can’t do that unless you live near NY, NY.

  12. chad says:


  13. dre2u2 says:

    Hello sexy, I’d love to bend you over and share you with my friends. Then send them away and tap it all night

  14. tvputa says:


  15. chazz049 says:

    I would give you 8 wide inches gladly! And play with your clitty at the same time! You are soooooo hot! Love you little titties. Hope you like them sucked on.

  16. Rick says:

    I’d love to bend you over & hate fuck you while pulling your hair & smakin your sweet ass askin whos your daddy

  17. Peter says:

    I love you. You are beautiful

  18. Chris says:

    Hey sweetheart, I am finally in Hays. I have been trying to catch up with you for a while now. Text me at 785-672-7454.

  19. Chris says:

    Text or call me at 785-672-7454. I have been trying to hook up with you for a while now. I thought I was going to be in Hays last week, plans changed. I am here now. Call me back baby, you won’t regret it.

  20. Chris McMillan says:

    Whats up sexy? You still in Hays? I texted you the other day. I’ll be passing through Hays again this week. Let me take you out to dinner. Text me at 785-672-7454. Anywhere you want.

  21. ctm1975 says:

    Gonna be in Hays tomorrow. Would love to get together. Text me at 785-672-7454. You are very beautiful. I know how to treat a beautiful woman like you.

  22. youngstud64 says:

    I would literally do anything to make you happy!

  23. Zach says:

    God Michelle, you are beautiful. I remember talking to you a long time ago on a different website and hate that we stopped talking.

  24. max617m says:

    michelle,you are so very feminine and sexy!!!

  25. sean says:

    My God I think I’m in love !! so very beautiful!!

  26. James says:

    You look so seductive in that pink and white outfit, makes me want you even that much more.

  27. Joanne UK TV says:

    Michelle, baby you are as cute as a button. But such a slut as well. Love u

  28. ontimething says:

    wow. absolutely gorgeous and a web designer? I think I’m in love….

  29. Robert says:

    I’d love to pull your handlebars while pounding you from behind! That’s hot! What a Sexy Babe!

  30. Sissyboy2012 says:

    i m speechless dunno what to say
    just super gorgeous super hot i would love to be in a mutual session with you

  31. leen says:

    you are very georgeous girl babe,love how sexy

  32. michael says:

    one of the fittest TS i have ever seen.

  33. Ricky says:

    Very sexy. I would love to be your man, or a cool FWB. Sexy straight guy here. Chat back. R

  34. Leon says:

    Write to me babe,love how sexy you are

  35. roy says:

    love to cum in you. and pull your hair dirty slut…how do i become a member//

  36. vivbroboy says:


    how do i become a member??

  37. jessica says:


  38. jessica says:

    hi your so hot and love what you say about your self slut….how do i become a member??

  39. sushmita says:

    michelle you are such georgeous girl

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