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Jade Vix


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Jade Vix's Stats

Age: 26   |   Sexuality: Versatile

Jade has been a full time transsexual for about a year now. She is a sweetheart and loves to go clubbing and party. She dates men so check her out. She lives in the NYC area. Jade loves foreplay with touching and rubbing being her particular favorites and stars in over 50+ vids with Tia and Tia’s friends.


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  1. cdbottom says:

    O.M.G! so hot! I wish I could be as sexy and fem as ms. Jade Vix someday :) . she must have to beat the boyz off with the stick with looks like that :)

  2. desii says:


  3. stellatransx says:

    OMG what a hot Tranny Lady u are ! kisses

  4. diana2013 says:

    i hope to be feminized lie you

  5. tylerdurden94 says:


  6. blinkedtears says:

    So beautiful. You give hope to a small sissy crossdresser


    Hi guys,contact me here jessicabceny@gmail.com. thanks!!

  8. Mike says:

    Hi Jessi,

    I love your phtoos. Would love to meet.

    Am a senior banker from Scandinavia in NYC. Dinner next week on Thursday?



  9. carlos says:

    jesis id love to take you to dinner.

    military guy

  10. mad stu says:

    girl you got what it takes.your pics confirm why t.girls are way infront,lets face it you know your hot,and yerrrr you are,i rate you massive,ide love to see you for real,and i bet your even more gorgeous face to face xxx

  11. robyn says:

    Jessi, you are so beautiful!! I’m a 5’7″,135 lb. Cdresser. Your outfits are sooo hot!! Would you share your pink lipstick with me?? After you put it on me, I want to kiss you all night long. Then????

  12. robin says:

    We sure could use a few more like Jessi in the central florida area…. She could make a fortune in Orlando, if she was so inclined. :)

  13. James says:

    Love thos hot pink lips baby!!! Would love to spend time with a hot girl like you.

  14. john says:

    wow i seen your pic you are soo hott i want a girl like you 2 spoil

  15. jennifer jones says:

    super hot as are all the girls. BTW how can I sign up to your site as it wont let me on the sign up button? JJ x

  16. VIBROBOY says:

    she is so hot!

    how do i become a member??

  17. Ted says:

    I’d love to date you, Jessi – get in touch!

  18. roost says:

    By far the hottest person I’ve ever seen online. Can Jesse come to the West Coast? I will make it worth her while. I desperately need a slut makeover

  19. Frosy says:

    I want more of Jessi- I desperately need a makeup application

  20. Sabrina says:

    Very hot! Would love to get together for some fun! I live right outside of NYC, hit me up!

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