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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for stopping by to visit my site. The site is dedicated to transformation and ultimately total feminization of the bois, tgirls and transsexuals who desire to be totally 110% passable and more feminine than 98% of all natural females.

All of the featured models here have been transformed and feminized working with me. Be sure to check their very feminine profiles.

A bit of information on me. My name is Tim aka Tia Tizzianni. I have been doing transformation and feminizations for about 7 years.

Let me start from the beginning..

I was born in Monte Carlo and moved to NYC at a very early age. My mother was in the fashion industry as a designer and small fashion house in the Fashion District. In my formative years I would come to my mother’s office from school. Around 7th and 8th grade the models thought is was cute to dress me like one of them in the high fashion outfits and looks. Naturally at that age, I had the body of a model. With their makeup help, I also looked like one. Several years went by. One day one of my college GF’s thought I would look better as a girl than as a feminine looking boy. She did my makeup and dressed me. She loved it and so did I. We played that way as GF’s for a few years. When we both graduated we went our separate ways. But I kept working on my various feminine looks and kept working on makeup.

Now I am very good at makeup. I am very good at makeup for transforming a boy into a stunning girl. I do not do makeup like a GG makeup artist would. The vast majority of them would do makeup like they would on a client or themselves. In other words, makeup for a genetic girl. I have yet to meet a boy who that type of makeup totally works for. The boy’s faces are shaped differently than a natural girl and their is far more skin space which needs to be dealt with to create proper proportions. So, my makeup styles and techniques are dedicated to transforming bois and girls with a boys basic facial structure to very gorgeous girls. Be sure to check out some of the very gorgeous models presented here and elsewhere.

Feminization is the training we do to teach bois and transgendered girls to be totally feminine in virtually all aspects. We work on walking, talking, sitting, standing, posing, movements, hand gestures and how to be totally confident in passing. My goal is for you to be 110% feminine and more feminine than 98% of all women.

Where do we do these transformations? The girls here would tell you that we do them all over. As each of these girls is from a different city. Typically I do quite a few in the major US cities but have been hired to travel to the UK and Europe to do transformation and feminization sessions there. I only travel abroad when my expenses are covered. The vast majority of the transformation and feminization sessions are done face to face. Typically I do not do internet based transformation but if the price is right you might persuade me.

You can see all of the naughty vids of the transformed bois and girls on
My Birchplace.

Fill out the “Wanna be transformed?” form on the link bar if you are interested. Please include pictures of yourself, preferably enfemme.

Have fun with the transformations and feminization!

~Tia Tizzianni

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